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With Myend messages, you can compose and store messages for the people you leave behind.

To be specific, messages are archived in your personal e-will where they remain unsent until the moment you have passed away. You can compose as many messages as you want to anyone in your contact list and store them in your Myend e-will.

Most people find it difficult to get started. To begin, think of a positive subject title and to whom you will send this message. Simply add a contact from your contact list or add a new contact when starting a message.

Try to write a friendly letter as your recipients will not have the chance to reply. Some people may write down their personal instructions to a certain person. In these messages, you can send them your unspoken thoughts or ask them to grant your final wishes.

Keep your messages up-to-date – add or change your thoughts or instructions. During the lifecycle you might change your mind, so we give you an option to update your messages by archiving and editing them in case this happens.

Write to your Legacy Contacts

It’s advisable to write at least one message to your Legacy Contacts to give them clear instructions. After all, you have asked them for help after passing away. It would be helpful to them while carrying out your final wishes.

When to send this message?

After finishing a message, you have to decide when it will be sent.
You have 3 options:

  • Directly after you have passed away
  • Let your Legacy Contact decide
  • Select a date yourself

Directly when I’m gone

Messages archived as “directly when I’m gone” are sent after Myend receives a verified notification from both of your Legacy Contacts. Before taking any actions, Myend sends a message to your email account and mobile phone to ask if you’re still alive. Once we get no confirmation within a set time frame, your Myend account will be activated for Legacy Contacts. This activation will trigger your messages to be sent. If you have a message with instructions it should be sent out as soon as possible. Make sure to select the “directly when I’m gone” option that will ensure you your contact will be informed directly.

Let my Legacy Contact decide

For some messages it’s better not to have them sent out directly after you’re gone, but preferably a few days later, for instance. If you choose to let your Legacy Contacts decide, they will be sent once your Legacy Contact finds it most appropriate. Even if a Legacy Contact forgets or holds off on sending out your messages, they will always be sent in the end. After 6 months, all remaining messages are sent automatically to make sure you don’t leave without saying goodbye. Your Legacy Contact can decide on the actual moment to send your message, but they will not be able to see the content of it. In other words, your message will remain strictly personal.

Let me select a date

It’s Myend, so you are in control of your own decisions. Set a moment in days, months or a specific date in the future. It all depends on the type of message you wish to send. You might consider sending someone a message on a special date in the future.

So, start writing your messages and make sure not to leave without saying goodbye! 😇

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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