Our Pricing Plan

No surprises 🎉, just fair and honest pricing. Simply choose Myend Basic and use it for free. It has all the basics you need to get started. For real.

Myend Basic

Forever free

Because everyone should be able to leave an e-will for family and friends.



  • Add family members & friends
  • Appoint your Trustee
  • Write 5 personal messages
  • Share 5 belongings
  • Store data in 4 personal Vaults
Myend Plus

Available soon

Get all the features and store as much as you need. 



Personal wishes

  • Appoint your beneficiaries and exclusion clause
  • Store & print your e-will
  • Describe your own funeral 😵 including your own music list
  • Donor Codicil statement
  • More personal wishes

Next of kin

  • Write messages 💌 to Family & Friends
  • Appoint multiple Trustee's who will take care of matters
  • Manage your belongings with instructions for specific a beneficiary


  • Financial assets
  • Personal assets

Digital heritage

  • Banking & Insurances
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Passwords (login for devices)


  • Online accounts (Social media, mail, web-stores, games)
  • Financial assets (Crypto, credits, Paypal
  • Business related digital assets (Client data files and acces to digital services)
  • Banking & Insurances

Join Myend for free! 😁

Create your e-will in minutes. Compose messages, list your belongings, and manage passwords in your storage vault. 

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