A new way to write your online final will

Myend presents a brand new way of creating a final will in an already familiar format. It’s designed to help you with some difficult choices. You can create and edit your e-will as life continues.
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Myend offers everything you need and more

The easiest way to create your will

Don’t leave without
saying goodbye ❤️

Start your
e-will ⏳

List your belongings

Store passwords and
key-codes 🔑

Write personal messages to those you love❤️ Myend sends them when you’re gone.


Your Myend e-will. No more postponing. Will making made easy 😅


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Share your personal belongings 🛵🕹🧸🦄🎸

Store passwords, social media logins and key-codes in your Vault 🔐


Don’t just take our word for it

Security is not just a feature, it’s at the core of Myend 🙏


Simple. Secure.
Your e-will.

You’re in control. Add to and update your e-will as life continues. Myend gives you, and those you love, peace of mind.

Myend is on a mission to create the Final Will of the Future. Since the first launch in October of 2020, the Myend team and its users have been creating history together. Life is modernizing, so why shouldn’t death?