Your e-will,
just to be sure

Myend is a simple way to create your own personal e-will. Leave messages and belongings to the people who matter to you most. Write and share what you want.

Keep updating as life continues. You’re in control.


The things we postpone the most, made easy

We use easy language and take small steps.


Choose who to notify & what to share

Who will make sure your final wishes are granted?

You can choose Trustees and notify them. They have to press the Myend switch. You can also give them access to some of your data.

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Privacy by design

Protection you need, 
peace of mind you deserve

Your Myend account is encrypted to the core. Only you and your future beneficiaries can read your e-will, nobody else, not even Myend.

We take safety and security seriously. To do this, we leverage advanced strategies and technology, including encryption and strong data protection policies.