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Most people don’t have a will

Most people do not have a will at this point in time. They find it difficult to take the first step in creating a legally binding will. Many find the procedure expensive or old-fashioned, or they simply postpone it to “sometime” in the future.

But there is a clear global need 🌍

Without an official will, local laws determine the outcome of an inheritance. Since laws aren’t updated regularly (if ever), they are often not coherent with our modern day society anymore.

Nowadays we are globally connected to family and friends, we have more wealth to share, and many of us have a digital social heritage. It’s obvious: Our will is no longer suitable for pen and paper. 


A will for everyone 🙏

Myend’s mission is to redefine your personal will, make it universally accessible and shareable, and always expressed in understandable words.

Myend is helping people make difficult decisions in simplistic new ways. We want to solve future inheritance problems and create a new smart standard for e-will making and sharing around the world.

How we create the alternative 🚀

We started by asking the question: ‘What do most people need to feel assured they can close the door behind them in peace?’

With basic tools they should be able to leave notes and items, give instructions and provide access to essential information.


Your electronic will

Starting a will has never been so easy. It’s super secure and we help you along the way. Your account is strictly personal and only you decide who sees what once you’re gone. With easy-to-use tools you define your e-will and share what you would leave behind.

It’s affordable, shareable, and perhaps surprisingly reassuring.

The free e-will

With the right mindset we can create a non-legally binding e-will. Myend is a new standard e-will to help people with sharing their wishes and controlling their legacy after they have passed away.

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Simple. Secure. 
Your e-will.

You’re in control. So you can add to, adapt and update your e-will as life continues.
Myend gives you -and those you love- peace of mind. 

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