End of life Services

You worry about living. We worry about preserving it.

First of all, Myend features are part of the Myend end-of-life planning platform. Secondly, you should know that by using these features properly you can enhance your own Myend experience. We have designed our services, such as the Last Will and the e-will, to be easy to navigate. After all, you should be able to fill in such documents, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

And that’s what our Myend features are here for. For example, filling out your contacts in advance, will make appointing beneficiaries in your Last Will a matter of seconds. Creating, for instance, Belongings and Vault entries, allows Myend to adds these assets automatically to your e-will.

And the best thing about our features? Almost all are available even to a free account! This means that you can, for example, experiment with the features, and see if they work for you. And all of that, completely free of charge! Creating your e-will will always be free here at Myend after all.


Include family & friends



Add the people you care for the most in life. Create your personal family tree; yes, this can include pets, or any other relatives.

Legacy Contacts

Invite one or two Legacy Contacts who will make sure your last wishes are granted.
Last goodbyes

Don’t leave without saying goodbye ❤️


Last goodbyes

Write a message to someone you love and care for.


Farewell Video Messages

Personal video message to someone you care and love for.

Your personal Memory lane

Upload your favourite photos, keepsakes, poems and add note to loved ones, your own obituary.
Belongings & Vault

Manage your Inheritance


List your belongings

Decide on a beneficiaries and list all your belongings in one place.


Digital Legacy

Store all your key-codes and social media accounts.


Leave your Directives

Make your last wishes known to those you’re leaving behind.


Plan for the future


Your e-will

Store your personal statement, appointed Legacy Contacts and the disposition of property in your e-will.


Legacy Contacts

Invite one or two Legacy Contacts who will make sure your last wishes are granted.


Important documents

Add and store important documents, certificates, personal paperwork and statements.


Advanced Care Plan

Ensure your loved ones make health choices according to your wishes. Change and update it as life continues.


Last Will and Testament

Create a will to makes sure your wishes are respected and save your loved ones worry and stress.


Create your Funeral Plan

Start, review or update your funeral plans. Download and share with loved ones.


Organ Donation

Making your own choice provides clarity. Your family and the people around you will then know what to do.


Euthanasia Statement

Make an informal statement regarding your preferences and wishes on the topic of euthanasia.

What are you waiting for?

Plan your Inheritance, help your loved ones & solve it forever.