Store passwords & logins in Vaults

Use personal vaults to store passwords, logins and key-codes to help those who stay behind. It will help them to access your devices, email- and social media accounts.


Give access to your computer & mobile device

Help those you love with access to your devices in case they need pictures, files or important contact information.


Don’t leave your inbox unattended

Allow your Legacy Contacts to access your main email account with the passwords in your Vault. In that way they will be able to retrieve information from your inbox, so they can close services and cancel subscriptions.

On average people have between 20 tot 30 subscriptions, and most of them you need to access via email.

Social media

Your digital heritage in one Vault

Allow your Legacy Contacts to access your social media accounts. This will enable them to close your account quickly or leave a public message, using your login.

Some social media platforms don’t make it easy for family members to close down their account.

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