The Final Will of the Future

Myend The will to share – Just in Case Why60 % of all people do not have a final will. Most people find it difficult to create a legally binding final will. Some might find it costly or simply postpone the first steps of setting up a testament. Going to the notary can be costly […]

How are your belongings passed on?

Once you’ve added your belongings in your list and added beneficiaries, your job is done. After you are gone, your Legacy Contacts get access to your Myend account and will be able to determine when your belongings will be divided among your beneficiaries and how they will receive them. If you leave clear instructions to […]


With Myend messages, you can compose and store messages for the people you leave behind. To be specific, messages are archived in your personal e-will where they remain unsent until the moment you have passed away. You can compose as many messages as you want to anyone in your contact list and store them in […]

What is an e-will?

Starting an e-will has never been so easy! It’s completely secure and we are there to help you along the way. Your account is strictly personal and only you can decide who you want to make information visible to. With easy-to-use tools, you can define an e-will and share what you would like to leave […]