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The Final Will of the Future

Myend The will to share – Just in Case

60 % of all people do not have a final will.

Most people find it difficult to create a legally binding final will. Some might find it costly or simply postpone the first steps of setting up a testament. Going to the notary can be costly and when life changing events occur, the will often becomes outdated. Nowadays our family members and friends are living around the globe. We have more wealth to share and many of us have a digital and social legacy. Today a static testament is no longer adequate.

The online testament for everyone

It’s Myend’s mission to redefine your personal online testament, to make it universally accepted and shareable in normal words. Myend helps people with difficult choices in easy to understand steps. We want to solve future inheritance problems and become a standard for sharing your estate.

Your own Myend – Just in Case

Creating a legally binding testament has never been as easy. We take small steps and give you support along the way. Of course it’s super secure. Your account is strictly for your eyes only and only you decide who sees what. With easy to use tools you define your living and final will and what you leave behind. It’s very affordable, shareable and perhaps very reassuring.

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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