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What is an e-will?

Starting an e-will has never been so easy! It’s completely secure and we are there to help you along the way. Your account is strictly personal and only you can decide who you want to make information visible to. With easy-to-use tools, you can define an e-will and share what you would like to leave behind.

At this moment your Myend e-will is a non-legally binding digital document that helps the people you leave behind. Local laws do not recognize an e-will as a legal form. Therefore, an e-will cannot replace an official Last Will, Testament, or Codicil. This should change over time when laws are updated and ready to accept an electronic Will as a legally binding document.

There are multiple reasons why most people do not have a Last Will, Testament, or a Written Codicil. They postpone this decision, find it expensive and often difficult to write down their thoughts along with a lawyer or notary.

Myend will help you organize and define your wishes, but it cannot act as your legal Will at this point. Therefore, it’s important to make sure whether your family will respect the choices you have written down in Myend. In case you have any doubts or if they choose not to follow up, you should consider a legally binding Testament. Family or child-related matters, real estate, valuable art, or financial assets are best to be arranged in a Testament.

An e-will is a step into the future as:

  • It contains your messages and wishes
  • You can choose what happens with your belongings
  • It stores your passwords and keycodes in your personal vault

With setting up an e-will, you create a document that tells those you leave behind your intentions. Please have in mind that over time your personal situation and ideas might change so you might need to update its content. The advantage of an e-will is that you can do this without the interference or extra costs of a lawyer or notary.

So, Myend is a non-legally binding e-will service that helps you with fixing some of the problems that could occur after you’re gone.

Last updated: April 29, 2021

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