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Inspiration for messages to leave your loved ones

With Myend messages, you can compose and store messages for the people you leave behind.

👉 Not sure how it works? Check this article for an explanation on the Messages feature and the role of a Legacy Contacts.

Leaving a message to your loved ones can offer them support at the time after your passing. Aside from including the specific instructions and wishes you usually communicate in a will, you can also make sure your (goodbye) message is thoughtful and positive. In this way, your loved ones will not only know what to do on a practical level, but they also feel supported on an emotional level.

What do I say?

Most people find it difficult to get started. At Myend we usually advise people to start with the following: Who, Why, What, How and When.

To begin, think of Whom you will send this message to. This can form the introduction to your letter.

Hi Anna, As your mother, I can not leave without saying goodbye to the greatest gift life has ever given me: my wonderful daughter.

Then, think of your Why. It might seem straight-forward why you’re writing the message (as a goodbye for once you are gone), but mentioning it offers structure and clarity to your message. Such as:

I want to say goodbye in this way, in case we won’t have the chance in real life. If this is indeed what happened, I want to let you know that that is okay. We’ve lived so many moments together, in the end that’s what matters most.

As for your What: this can be anything, just think of what you really DON’T want to leave unsaid – that should be the core of your message. You can write up specific memories or anecdotes, certain characteristics of the other that you admire or advice you’d like to give them for their life, for instance:

I’ve always admired your lust for life. You’re a dreamer and I know you can succeed in your dreams if you believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise as you get older.

Then for your How: it might help to make a simple outline, such as: introduction – body text – conclusion.
As for your tone of voice: try to write a friendly letter, your recipients will not have the chance to reply. In these messages, you can send your unspoken thoughts, so be honest. Offer emotional support (this can also be positive), for instance:

I know right now you feel a lot of pain. I wish I was there to help you through it. And.. maybe in a way I am! I’ll always be with you, in your mind and in your heart. So you can be strong and live a happy life.

When to send your messages?

After finishing a message, you have to decide when it will be sent.
You have 3 options:

  • Directly after you have passed away
  • Let your Legacy Contact decide
  • Select a date yourself

Lastly, Myend allows you to keep your messages up-to-date. You can change or add to your thoughts and instructions. During your life you might change your mind or make more memories, so we give you an option to update your messages by archiving and editing them in case this happens.

Want more tips on How to compose a good farewell message? Read the recent blog post here.

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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