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When does Myend send your messages?

With Myend messages, you can compose and store messages for the people you leave behind. Your messages are safely stored in your account and none of your messages are sent before you have passed away. So for that matter, your secrets are safe with Myend all throughout your lifetime.

No messages are sent during your lifetime

When you add a contact person to a message and haved stored this in your account, the message will not be sent.

The only way messages are sent is after confirmation of your death by your Legacy Contacts. Before this happens, they will receive access to your account after a Myend verification process and even then, they will only be able to see the data meant for them. So, messages to beneficiaries other than Legacy Contacts will only be sent to them and are not visible for your Legacy Contacts.

So, start writing your messages and make sure not to leave without saying goodbye! 😇

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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