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Adding your contacts to Myend

Store your contacts and their personal contact information in your Myend account in order to inform them of your final wishes.

When are contacts used in Myend?

Contacts are used to add a beneficiary to a message or one of the belongings that you would like to share with this person. Contacts can also be appointed to become Legacy Contacts or get instructions for items in your Vault.

Why is adding contacts useful?

Adding contacts to Myend helps to quickly link numerous beneficiaries. Myend will only import your pre-selected contacts. We want to prevent you from adding all your contacts at once and make sure you select only your close family members and friends. The number of contacts is not limited. Contacts in your Myend account should be listed with their official names in order to appoint them as a beneficiary. You could also add your pet if you want

If you don’t want to sync contacts, you can always add them manually.

In the current Myend version we support manual contact import. You can add contact details under the tab Contacts. When writing a message, adding a belonging or a Vault item you have the option to add new contacts directly with the contact input fields.

We will never message your contacts unless you ask us to.

Myend is all about privacy, so we do not contact anyone you have added, unless you specifically ask us to do so. When you send a Legacy Contact invitation, we will send them an email on behalf of you. In case of your own death, your Legacy Contacts will have to notifiy Myend to gain access to your account. After approval, your beneficiaries will get notifications from Myend regarding your personal wishes or receive the messages you have stored in your account.

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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