How to add an item to your Vault?

Nowadays we have all sorts of data stored in numerous different locations online. With Myend Vault you can store keycodes and passwords to help your Legacy Contacts unlock your data, close your accounts or memorialize them. For each account you can leave very specific instructions and decide who can access it. Click on the ‘Vault’ […]

How to add a Legacy Contact

You can add a Legacy Contact using Contacts: click the + button and add a Legacy Contact.An alternative option is to select You in the bottom navigation bar: select the Legacy Contacts panel and follow up on the instructions. When using Myend to invite a person as your Legacy Contact, they will receive an email with your request. Your Legacy Contact can […]

Adding your contacts to Myend

Store your contacts and their personal contact information in your Myend account in order to inform them of your final wishes. When are contacts used in Myend? Contacts are used to add a beneficiary to a message or one of the belongings that you would like to share with this person. Contacts can also be […]

Delete your Myend account

You can permanently delete your Myend account and all of your data, messages and contacts. Please read the following carefully as this action is imminent and cannot be undone. You’re trying to delete your Myend account which provides access to the Myend services. You’ll no longer be able to use any of those services, and […]