Why you should create an e-will, even if you’re not wealthy

Peace of mind is priceless

We often hear from people that they think creating an e-will doesn’t make sense, because they have so few belongings. One of the reasons why we started Myend is to show people how much their life is worth, not just in monetary or material items, but in their thoughts, personality and spirit.

A will is not just about material things

When they think of a will, most people only think about how their possessions will be divided. They think: “I have so few possessions, my family can take care of them when I’m gone.” What they don’t seem to realize, is that there is so much more to the process than just deciding who gets what.

The biggest challenges are emotionally. Losing somebody you love is hard, perhaps you know this from experience. Every little item or memory of that person becomes of great worth to the people that are left behind. So, when decisions have to be made regarding a person’s passing, such as the funeral, their heritage and even their social media accounts, each decision, no matter how little, can feel extremely heavy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your loved ones a little bit, even after you are gone?

If there was a way to help your loved ones suffer less, why wouldn’t you do it

By leaving clear instructions, your friends and family don’t have to worry about the decisions that have to be made right after your passing.
By leaving goodbye notes, there will always be a goodbye, even if that wasn’t possible during your lifetime. You can even leave video notes for the hard days to come, such as your birthday each year.

By assigning your possessions to people in the Myend app, you relieve your family of some stress and make sure things end up where they belong.

Leaving a lasting legacy

With all these steps, you can take control of your memory. Your wishes, thoughts, big or small assets – they all count. Make sure to share them. Leave something behind that people will remember you for. Even if you don’t have much material wealth -or any at all- it’s the little things that matter in the end. You can inspire people to chase their dreams or give back to humanity. You can be someone’s guardian angel and help them believe in themselves. None of those require any material wealth from you, but can have great impact. If you find the meaning of life in being a humanitarian or helping the less fortunate, you can even consider leaving things to a charity.

And with Myend, creating that legacy can be fun. It can give you peace of mind and your relatives a sense of support, comfort and joy – and that is priceless.

Want to know more about how to write your Messages and how Myend works? You’re always welcome to check our Help section. You’ll most likely find your questions answered there!