Proof of Life: A Myend Innovation

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You have probably heard of stories when someone’s Last Will wasn’t found after it was too late. In most cases, an executor needs to submit the Last Will to a probate court within a specific amount of time after death. Unfortunately, it happens more often that you might think that the executor doesn’t know about the Will or cannot find the Will easily.

We here at Myend, know that this can be an issue and we strive to provide you with as many options as possible.And we are happy to introduce a new ground-breaking feature: Proof of Life.

Active your Proof of Life today

In order to make your final wishes known to your loved ones you have to set your Proof of Life in myend. You can do this in your account settings

First you decide on how often Myend should send you a proof of life message, and when we should take action. Your options are daily, weekly, once or twice a month, every three months and finally once every year. We will take action after you missed an alert we sent you. You can choose one missed alert all the way to five.

Finally, make sure you invite a Legacy Contact who accepts your invite and can confirm your well being or passing.


Nobody likes to receive too many notifications on their phone. And the last thing we want is to bother you. It is important to set the messaging frequency that works for you. That also depends heavily on your life.

For instance, your personal situation, age, and your health status can be crucial for deciding the correct interval we should contact you. For example, an elder with severe conditions or illnesses, living alone, probably needs to be contacted as often as possible. A healthy person in their 20s living with roommates, much less so. 

All the same principles apply to when we should take action too. It’s important to take your own personality traits into consideration. If you are forgetful or don’t check your phone often, choosing one missed alert doesn’t make too much sense: you’re likely to miss an alert. Correspondingly, if you have a great relationship with your telephone you don’t necessarily need five alerts.

Proof of Life in short

  • Myend will start sending you messages at your requested interval to check if you are ok.
  • You should then confirm the messages by clicking the Proof of Life button in the email message.
  • In case you cannot reply, we will send you another alert in two days.
  • You can set the number of alerts to a maximum of 5 reminders.
  • When you fail to reply with Proof of Life confirmation, your Legacy Contact will be informed to take further action.

Legacy Contacts

In the unfortunate case that you fail your Proof of Life, Myend informs your Legacy Contact. If they confirm your passing, we will grant them access to your Myend account, so they can follow up on your wishes.

Set your Proof of Life in the desktop version of Myend and make sure your wishes are known and executed after you have passed away.

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