Myend’s Last Will & Testament is here!

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Myend proudly introduces its new Last Will and Testament. We are going to showcase next all the exciting features that Myend’s Last Will is bringing to the table.

Diverse Features

Firstly, let’s have a brief look at some of the features that Myend’s Last Will offers. With Myend Beta you can:

  • Appoint beneficiaries and executors.
  • Name digital executors of your Digital Inheritance.
  • Appoint backups for all the aforementioned.
  • Distribute your property in a flexible and detailed manner.
  • Appoint guardians for your children and caregivers for your pets.
  • Include an optional self-proving affidavit.

All of these features aim to offer you the quickest, most customizable experience possible!

A quick Last Will

Nobody wants to spend too much time creating their Last Will. It can be tiring, time-consuming and tedious. In order to make this process as quick as possible, we have set up certain features that will help you fill in your Last Will within 10-15 minutes! Here are three of steps you should take before activating your Last Will:

  1. Begin by adding detailed entries for your Contacts.
  2. Then add items to your Belongings.
  3. Finally, add digital assets in your Vault.

If you have filled in all these details before you start with your Last Will, the rest of the process will go super fast! Everything you added here will be automatically added to Inventories at the end of your Last Will. Then you skip the tedious chore of manually adding assets!

Customize your Will

Make choices that better reflect who you are! Your unique personality and preferences should be reflected in your Last Will. Freedom of choice and a seamless, user-friendly experience are Myend’s main principles. 

For example, if you are not interested in certain topics just press next and move on to the next question or Articles.

Our new Last Will comes essentially in two forms: as a simple Last Will or a Will and Testamentary Trust. Confused? No worries, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Simple Last Will vs Testamentary Trust

A testamentary trust is essentially a trust you have set up within your Last Will and Testament. That’s where it gets its name from after all. A testamentary Trust basically includes all the features of a simple, straightforward Will but adds a Trust too. Myend uses comprehensive Trust Articles so we make sure that everything is covered.

Why does Myend’s Last Will work particularly well if you are in the US?

Our team has created this Last Will, based on data collected from the US legal system. That means that we made all of Myend’s features in such a way so that they can be approved by an American probate court. For instance, the language we are using is on purpose the same as the terminology the US legal system uses.

Additionally, it’s important to point out that the key word of the question above is particularly. In other words, just because our Will works particularly well in the US doesn’t mean that it has no use in other English speaking countries.

Why is Myend’s Last Will legal?

We have already discussed the attention to details of Myend’s Last Will within the American legal system. But is our Will a legally binding document? In short, yes it is! There are certain conditions that need to be met, though. We have taken the utmost care to make sure we offer you a service that is easy to use and legal. What you need to do is find the right witnesses to sign your Will. In the vast majority of cases having (at least) two witnesses that testify your sanity and free will is enough. 

In order to make it easier for you, we even include an universal affidavit – a written sworn statement. This is completely optional, and it just makes it harder for a court to disregard your Will. How does it work? You and your witnesses sign the affidavit with a notary public in order to provide a further layer of security.

Final Thoughts

Myend’s Last Will is here and is ready to offer you the best experience possible for starting off with your Estate Plan. Simple, direct, quick and easy to use.

Our Last Will is not the only Estate planning tool that we’ve created, though. Why not look further into our other plans too?

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Myend is not a law firm, it does not engage in the practice of law, and it does not render any official legal advice. Therefore, you are hereby advised to seek your own legal counsel regarding any legal issues. Myend’s articles are meant to be taken as suggestions and therefore Myend carries no responsibility for the user’s actions.