Legacy Contacts

Someone’s trusted hero

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Being a Legacy Contact

It is an unfortunate reality that we will all eventually pass away. When this happens, we must think about how our friends and family will be able to access the assets we leave behind. When it comes to our digital accounts, it is sometimes hard to figure out how to access the information on our accounts and even how to close them properly. This is where a Myend Legacy Contact can come in handy.

You might find yourself as the one appointed as the designated Legacy Contact. While you may be honored to receive this responsibility, you may not fully understand what it means for you and what your responsibilities may be.

Here at Myend, we want to help make you aware of what the task of becoming a such an important contact entails.

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How it works

What you need to know being a Legacy Contact or why to invite one.

Choosing a Legacy Contact

Who should you ask?

As a general rule, anyone 18 years or older is eligible to be a Legacy Contact. Most often people appoint a trusted family member, good friend, or lawyer. The minimum number of Legacy Contacts you should appoint is one, but it is preferable to choose two or three in case your first choice can’t fulfill the role.

These people will be able to access your Myend account only after you are gone, so they will not have access to any personal Myend messages prior to your death. Read more on Legacy Contacts here.

Share your wishes

Inviting a Legacy Contact

When you use Myend to invite a person as your Legacy Contact, they will get an email letting them know they have been chosen. They can accept or reject the invitation—once they accept, their acceptance will appear in your account.

Give a little something back

Assign your belongings to family members, friends and relatives.

Proof of Life

What happens when
you die?

You can set your Proof of Life in Myend to remind us that you’re not a zombie. Once you have verified your Proof of Life, your designated person(s) will be notified that they can access your account when they provide proof of your passing to Myend.

But what does Proof of Life mean exactly? In practice this means that Myend sends you a couple of reminders and only if you have failed to confirm you’re alive, your Legacy Contact receives a notification. When your contact provides evidence of your passing, Myend will contact them and when everything is verified they gain access to your account.

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The next steps

Receiving someone's e-will​

While you may be honored to receive this responsibility, you may not fully understand what it means for you and what your responsibilities may be.

Being a Legacy Contact means you have a trusted role in determining what happens to someone’s wishes and assets stored in their Myend account.

As a designated contact you will receive the testator’s end of life documents, including their e-will. The e-will contains all the needed information to excuse their last wishes.