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Hello World,

It’s true, is live! To be honest, it took awhile to get to this point. I’ve been away traveling the world, helping and funding startups, fixing cars, and racing to the most beautiful corners of the planet.

Luckily or not, my life isn’t a perfect Instagram post. The reality of it is that I have had to deal with some painful losses in the last few years as well. A dear friend’s partner crashed in a small plane, turning her world upside down. Later that year my childhood friend became the victim of a random act of aggression, and never came home.

At the same time, I lost my dear mother who had been fighting cancer for 3 years. It’s her birthday today, so this one is for you, mom! ❤️

Our mission is to create a new universally accepted e-will.

All those tragic losses inspired me to transform the sadness into something that I and all of the people on this planet can leave behind. So, today we are launching

I found out that we don’t always get a chance to say goodbye twice. Truth be told, goodbyes are not like they present them in movies – ending a lifetime is messy and complicated for everyone. I had never thought about it before my experience, but it’s excruciating to deal with the digital heritage and limited access to devices when someone leaves without giving you instructions. It made me wonder how to solve this for myself and others, just in case.

The COVID lockdown has made us all think digital, and it gave me enough time to design and build the Myend App together with a small team. We believe everyone should get access to a free e-will that empowers people to arrange the most basic matters for those who are left behind.

What if you actually had a chance to say goodbye again? Myend allows you to record messages for those you love, list your belongings by taking pictures with your mobile, and store keycodes and passwords for devices, websites, subscriptions and social media accounts.

Myend's Mission

The world is rapidly changing and our laws are outdated. People need a more dynamic solution than a traditional one. Myend is NOT a traditional Last Will or Testament, it’s an e-will that helps you share the wishes you might not have a chance to speak about, in a private and secure way.

Our mission is to create a new universally-accepted e-will. Stay tuned because we’ll have some exciting new updates coming up, and our team will expand in the coming months.

If you are still reading this, you might as well do the following:

  • Download the Myend App and please don’t forget to send us your feedback.
  • Become one of the first Myend ambassadors and spread the Will to Share with friends, press and media!

From the first of October, we move from our kitchen tables into a new office located in TNW City📍Amsterdam.

DM me if you believe we might share the same mission. We like doers with a startup mindset (no smooth talkers or overpriced recruitment agencies).

And remember – life is short, don’t leave without saying goodbye!

Founder & CEO

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