What are your KPIs?

What are your KPIs?

Hello World,

This is a Myend update! Since we launched the app one month ago we are thrilled to see the first results coming in.

Our first signups! What a relief, people are triggered enough to download our Myend App. It’s rewarding after all the work we have put into the App.

To be honest, everything is new. Sometimes it feels like pushing some random buttons on many different switch-boards, hoping for a positive outcome.

When you see a good move,
look for a better one.

Crazy (or not), in just 4 weeks the Myend App has been downloaded over 6.500 times. We haven’t started with any serious marketing campaigns yet so it’s exciting to see so many new faces already. 

The user data shows us that a smaller group of these people are actually using the Myend App to create their e-will. We have yet to find out how to channel this and understand the data to optimize this.

To be clear, we are positively surprised by the total downloads and the number of people that have signed up from the start.

The App development is moving forward. We have added two extra specialists to help us with scaling the back-end infrastructure and improving the encryption of the data.

Most of our meetings are online, socially distanced but effective. We are getting the first feedback from users to help us determine the next steps in our development roadmap.

Future Myend Updates

For the next update we will focus on improving the registration flow. To speed up development we will add more front-end development power in the coming weeks.

On the marketing side of life we started with the common platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and the Google & Apple Store, and set up Online Support and Google Analytics. And I probably forgot some.. but it’s a start. All these services generate tons of data. The question is, how do you get a grip on that?

Final Thoughts

In general, the first 4 weeks have been pretty cool. Coming month we will focus on updating the app and improving the online desktop version with some cool new features.

I have no idea who actually reads this, but if you are not a Myend user yet, you could be. If you have any great ideas you could share them and if you are happy without adding anything to this post, that’s all cool with me.

Founder & CEO Myend.com

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