What can (and can’t) your Trustee do?

A Trustee cannot see the content of your Myend account for as long as you are alive. So you can keep all your secrets stored and locked away until it’s time to share your wishes with Trustees.


When sending a message to someone, the Trustee will never be able to see the content of this message unless it’s directed to the Trustee. Your message is between you and your selected contact. You can, however, let the Trustee decide on when your messages should be sent.
Some messages, based on their content, should be sent out immediately.


Your Trustee will see the list of your belongings and the beneficiaries. This way your Trustee can make sure that your belongings are shared with those you have selected.

Passwords and Keycodes

Your Trustee will receive an overview of your Vault, but will only get access to the codes that have been directed to him or her. So, any family member or friend can get access to the devices or accounts that were assigned to them. With the instructions you left they can take care of matters.


Your Trustee will get a full overview of your contacts. This will help them in contacting all these people once you have passed away.

Last updated: April 29, 2021

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