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Decide on your Legacy Contact

This person has to notify Myend and gets access to your e-will account, after you are gone. You can name multiple people and send them instructions to take care of matters. Most people choose two relatives or a close friend.

Who will be my first Legacy Contact? If you are in a relationship you might choose your partner. Family relatives or a close friend can also act as Legacy Contacts.

Do I want to name a second Legacy Contact? It would be smart, as backup in case your first choice isn’t available for some reason. It makes your Myend account more reliable.

What can a Legacy Contact see? During your lifetime, Legacy Contact do not have access to your e-will. It’s locked and for your eyes only.

A Legacy Contact gets access to your e-will when:

They have pushed the button that notifies Myend that you have passed away. Before they gain access, Myend will verify this by sending a secure message to your phone and email. When you cannot respond in time 😢 they get access to your account.

Last updated: January 12, 2022

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