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Secure by design

Security is not just a feature, it’s the core of Myend

From day one, we knew Myend could only work if our service could compete with the trust a traditional vault harnesses. We are here to help you create your own living trust, store and share vital information, write down your final wishes, give to charity, donate your funds or property and share this with the ones you love and care for.

Every design decision in Myend begins with the safety and privacy of your data in mind. The information you store in Myend is encrypted, and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. Myend is designed to protect your personal information, and we work with other security experts to make sure our code is rock solid. We can’t see your Myend data, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it.

Only you have access to your Myend data. Your Myend data is end-to-end encrypted to keep it safe at rest and in transit. Our security recipe starts with AES 256-bit encryption, and we use multiple techniques to make sure only you have access to your information.

Last updated: May 12, 2021

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