Decide on your Trustee

A Trustee gets access when the time is right

This person has to notify Myend and gets access to your e-will account, after you are gone. You can name multiple people and send them instructions to take care of matters. Most people choose two relatives or a close friend.

Who will be my first Trustee?

If you are in a relationship you might choose your partner. Family relatives or a close friend can also act as Trustee.

Do I want to name a second Trustee?

It would be smart, as backup in case your first choice isn’t available for some reason. It makes your Myend account more reliable.

What can a Trustee see?

During your lifetime, Trustees do not have access to your e-will. It’s locked and for your eyes only.

A Trustee gets access to your e-will when:

They (in case you have two or more Trustees) have pushed the button that notifies Myend that you have passed away. Before they gain access, Myend will verify this by sending a secure message to your phone and email. When you cannot respond in time 😢 they get access to your account.

Last updated: May 12, 2021

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