A Myend guide: App VS Desktop

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May 2022 is a big month in Myend history. We are launching the newest version of Myend! It includes many new services, while upgrading older features. We are very excited to share with you the Estate Planning tools that we have been working on. But before we go into too many details, we have to acknowledge our original users and thank them for trusting us. 

These users are accustomed to the app version that they have downloaded from Google Play or the App Store if they have an iOS device. Myend Beta offers an alternative that works for both types of users: Insert here our new desktop version, Myend Beta!

Why should you care about the different versions?

In short, why shouldn’t you! You have every reason to want to learn more about how these two versions differ since they essentially offer two distinctive experiences. 

We focus next on how the desktop version has improved upon certain existing features. And how, at the same time, it added brand-new tools and planners. This way Myend Beta offers a great variety of ways you can start working on your own personal Estate Plan. Let’s break down all the new changes and quality improvements that the Myend Beta brings to you.

Updated features

From smaller things such as aesthetics as well as optical and language improvements, to much more integral tools, we have updated the functionality of many features. You know of the Vault and Belongings tools: easy ways of storing passwords and cataloging items you want to give away, correspondingly. Myend incorporates these tools to the brand-new Last Will so that you have access to a quick and smooth experience. Our e-Will has been updated as well to automatically include your Vault and Belongings entries.

New features

We have kept busy since we originally launched the app version of Myend. And we have the services to prove that. We could go into exhausting details about all the new features we have added to Myend but for now you should just keep in mind our new Directives system. Every specific estate planning tool is now a Myend Directive and currently we include the following: 

  • Last Will & Testament
  • E-Will
  • Funeral Plan
  • Organ Donation
  • Advance Care Plan
  • Euthanasia Statement

The centerpiece of the desktop version is our very comprehensive and easy to use Last Will. At the same time every single directive has a unique function. Do you wonder how the Last Will is different from an e-Will? Have a look here. Or maybe you would like to learn more about the other directives. In that case, read more on those here.

Final Thoughts

The desktop version is the definitive way of experiencing the variety of Myend’s testamentary and estate-planning services. And you don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself! Use your existing log in details and experience the Myend Beta today! 

As we say here in Myend, try before you die.

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