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Digital assets and online management software is nothing new for most people. Even if  you don’t realize it you are probably using some sort of password management. Additionally, just the fact that you’re reading this probably means that you’re tech savvy enough to own digital assets. That’s why Myend’s Vault is a great service for you. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are the information, data, and media that you own and control. They can be stored on your computer, but they can also be hosted in the cloud or on another server. For example, you might have an email address that you’ve used for years—that’s a digital asset. Your photos on Facebook or Instagram are digital assets. Your email messages with friends and family are digital assets.

Digital assets are usually intangible and exist in the form of data. They can be easily copied, shared and distributed and are frequently used for a variety of purposes. There are many types of digital assets and they can be classified into different categories based on their use. Digital assets include things like software, works of art, music, videos, images, text files and documents.

Benefits of digital assets

The main benefit of using digital assets is that it allows businesses to save money as well as time. It also makes it easier for them to keep track of their assets and make sure that they do not lose any valuable information due to human error or technical problems with storage devices such as hard drives or memory cards. That’s why people are often keeping their passwords in a digital vault.

What is a password vault?

A password vault is a secure storage space for passwords and other sensitive information.

It’s like a physical vault for your passwords, except instead of storing them in a box, it stores them in an encrypted database on a remote server. It protects your data from hackers, malware, and other threats by storing it in a locked vault that can only be accessed when you provide the correct password.

These come in several different forms, from free and open-source software to paid applications with additional features and security options.

Why do you need a digital vault?

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of passwords.

Perhaps they’re on sticky notes and scraps of paper in your house or office. Or maybe they’re on your computer or phone. Maybe they’re stored in a digital vault or password manager – or maybe not! Most vaults – including Myend’s – can save all your passwords in a safe encrypted way.

But what about the rest of  your digital assets? As we mentioned above, digital assets aren’t just your passwords but really any digital “belongings” you have. What happens to them?

Myend Vault

Enter Myend Vault: a free of charge, accessible to all end of life service.

It’s a secure place where you can store all of your digital items, like photos, videos, and music. Most vaults allow you to access your files from anywhere, which means that no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll always have access to your favorite pictures and songs.

When you store your passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive data in a digital vault, it is encrypted and stored in a way that makes it nearly impossible to access without the right credentials.

The goal of a digital vault is to create an extra layer of security by storing your data in an encrypted form while still allowing you to access it when you need it.

How to use the Vault

You can easily access your Vault at any time once you’ve opened a Myend account. Then just simply add new digital assets and specify the kind of asset you’re adding. Everytime you’re including a new asset you will also ask you to add a beneficiary. That might not make too much sense but itself, but it will once you start using more Myend end-of-life services.

Just like your Belongings, you can use your Vault entries both for your e-will and your last will. And the best part of it is that once you’ve activated your e-will or last will, all our digital assets will be automatically added to these documents.

Keep in mind that Myend’s e-will is a non legally binding service that shares your wishes as suggestions. Myend’s last will is, instead, a legal document that your executives will use during probate to distribute your estate – including your digital assets.

Final Thoughts

As the world progressively becomes more digital, the importance of digital assets in everyday life is clear. Not only are they not going anywhere, but they are becoming a more integral part of our lives. As a result, digital assets are important also during the end of our lives and that’s why Myend focuses on providing the best digital Vault services possible: not only for your passwords but for all online and virtual assets. Considering how easy to use and integral the Vault service is to other Myend’s features, everyone with an account should make use of it. 

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