Decide on your Trustee

A Trustee gets access when the time is right This person has to notify Myend and gets access to your e-will account, after you are gone. You can name multiple people and send them instructions to take care of matters. Most people choose two relatives or a close friend. Who will be my first Trustee? […]

What can (and can’t) your Trustee do?

A Trustee cannot see the content of your Myend account for as long as you are alive. So you can keep all your secrets stored and locked away until it’s time to share your wishes with Trustees. Messages When sending a message to someone, the Trustee will never be able to see the content of […]

How to add a Trustee

You can add a Trustee using Contacts: click the + button and add a Trustee.An alternative option is to select You in the bottom navigation bar: select the Trustee panel and follow up on the instructions. When using Myend to invite a person as your Trustee, they will receive an email with your request. Your Trustee can accept or reject your request. […]

Who are your Trustees?

As a general rule, anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to be a Trustee. Most often people appoint a trusted family member, good friend, or lawyer. Invite at least one Trustee, but keep in mind that two or three are preferred. Your Trustees will only get access to your Myend account after you […]

Activation by Trustees

When a Trustee contacts Myend via to request account access of the person who has passed away, Myend will personally verify this request via our Support desk. Before enabling access, Myend will first notify the account owner, by mail or (if available) by phone. If possible, Myend will also send a request for verification to at […]

When do the Trustee accounts get access to your account?

Once both of your Trustees (assigning two is preferable) have heard the sad news, they will separately have to inform Myend of your passing by using the Trustee notification. Myend will verify this notification with you first. When we are unable to reach you by email or phone within 24 hours, your Myend account will […]