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We have already discussed the concept of emotional insurance. Make sure that you’ve read this before! With this post we continue talking about emotional insurance but we’ll focus on its practical applications. Technology is progressing faster than ever so it would be a shame to not use it to its fullest extent. Let’s see how Myend’s services bring this all together to offer emotional insurance and technology for everyone.

What does Myend do?

Myend is a service that allows you to create your legacy with people you care about. You can do that by uploading and making photos, videos, notes, documents and personal directives. We then keep your legacy safe by storing on Myend.

Legacy Contacts

Besides your list of regular contacts, Myend offers you the option to add Legacy Contacts. These are trusted people that will help with all the documents, instructions and wishes you upload on Myend. After you pass away these people will be able to follow your wishes.

Making your loved ones part of this process shows them not only that you trust them but that you also want to include them in a meaningful way. Inviting a relative or friend tells them that you consider them crucial in providing closure to the rest of your loved ones.

Do you have any questions about how exactly Legacy Contacts work? We have all the answers.

Last Goodbye

The Myend service that is the clearest, perhaps, example of emotional insurance is Last Goodbye. Emotional insurance is all about offering closure and emotional security to your loved ones. And what better way to do that by directly telling them yourself!

Last Goodbye is a service that allows you to leave messages to relatives and friends. The content depends entirely on you and your relationship with that person. This is the right place to mention any regrets you may have or say you’re sorry. You could also show your gratitude or respect towards your special people. 

Moreover, you can customize your messages to the fullest extent by adding special instructions to your Legacy Contacts. It is also possible to do so in two ways:

Write Messages

Sharing a final love letter to your significant other has never been easier. Leaving a message in writing also has the benefit of allowing you to really take your time to explain your wishes or thoughts. Keep in mind that some people might need to hear your voice to feel connected to you. Others, may have more old-school preferences. Only you can decide what medium works best!

Record Video Messages

Video messages tend to make more robust and everyday final goodbyes. Younger people tend to prefer this format but that heavily depends on personal preferences. Video messages make great experiences for your loved ones to watch as many times as they want. Not only during their grief, but whenever they miss you. Keep in mind that being able to see you might make a more personal experience for your loved ones than a written message.

Curious to learn more? Have a look!

Memory Lane

Another great way to see emotional insurance in a more tangible way is the Memory Lane feature. This allows you to create your life’s timeline as you see fit. What better way to leave the legacy of your choice than highlighting the most important events and stories?

Maybe you’re proud of a professional or an academic achievement. Or the birth of your daughter or the engagement of your son. Make sure you include these moments to your timeline so that your family knows how much these moments mean to you.

You can even leave notes and tag people on posts to share more thoughts with them. The more complete your timeline is, the better your family and friends will remain connected to your after you pass away. Imagine if your grandchildren can get to know you through your legacy!

Read more about the Memory Lane here.

Pause and continue whenever

Finally, it’s good to keep in mind that building your own emotional insurance may get emotionally intense. Don’t worry, it’s normal and it’s part of the process. That’s away every single Myend feature has a pause function. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you’re filling out your Funeral Plan but it’s getting a bit too much. You can stop at any given point to take a breathe. Myend stores the exact step you stopped so you can continue next time you log in.

This way you never have to stop setting up your digital legacy; just pause it and continue later.

Final Thoughts

Emotional insurance refers to everything you can do to provide emotional security and closure to your loved ones. And as you show from this article Myend’s services are geared towards serving this exact purpose. Last Goodbye, Memory Lane and even Legacy Contacts, there are many ways to provide emotional security to the people that matter to you.

You can read about other types of insurance here. Or maybe you’re ready to sign up for free and see for yourself? Then click here.

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