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We all keep important documents around. Maybe you’re very well organized or you tend to lose documents under piles of books and magazines. In any case nobody can deny that we have documents that we need for almost any legal or financial move. Our entire lives we collect documents for services or for applications. The exact same thing applies to our death too though. What happens then?

Why upload your documents?

Uploading your documents is important because it provides a safekeeping solution that’s integrated with your life.

When you upload your documents, they’re saved to your Myend account that’s accessible from any device, including your phone and tablet. This means you can access them anywhere, which makes it easy to keep track of what you need to do next and where everything is.

Tip: Remember to always keep the original document safe. If that’s on paper make sure you store those somewhere in your house. They need to be kept safe but also be easily accessible by your family members once you pass away. You don’t want your loved ones to find any important documents long after you pass away.

What kind of documents do you need?

You can upload text files, media (photos or videos), and even more. Additionally, when you upload a document to your Myend account you have to first select its most relevant category. Let’s have a look:

Banking Information

This refers to any banking documents that may be important including statements and records of transactions.

Insurance Information

Upload here any insurance policy or any similar documents. Great examples of that are health and life insurances but it’s better to upload all insurance documents you have.

Membership Information

You probably have more memberships than you realize. That includes club memberships but also online and media subscriptions. Make a thorough list and add all subscription IDs relevant.

Safety Deposit Box Information

If you have a safety deposit box you can upload its passwords here. This way you make sure that your loved ones will have access to it in case they lose their password.

Utility Information

This refers to all registrations and ID numbers related to your running utility bills. Your loved ones can probably access that elsewhere with a death certificate but why make it hard for them?

Information Regarding Your Will

Myend takes care of your last will. If you already have a will made though, you can upload a digital copy of it here. You can also include any documents complimentary to your last will. If you make your Myend last will but you feel it’s wise to share some more details or proof of something, this is the right place to share such a document.

Miscellaneous Financial Information

This last category is for any documents that don’t clearly belong to any other category. In our experience if the document you want to upload doesn’t fit in the categories above, it probably fits here. If you think otherwise let us know and we can help you with this too.

What else can you do with these documents?

We try to keep this feature as simple as possible. As a result the only other thing you can do except for uploading a document, is renaming it. Simple and neat. If you think a document is not relevant any more you can also delete and manually replace it with a newer one.

What can you not do with these documents?

You cannot edit documents on Myend – unless they are Myend documents. This feature is meant for safekeeping online. As a result, it doesn’t automatically update your documents – unless they are Myend documents such as an e-will.

We highly recommend that you don’t upload here any Myend documents you may have created or downloaded. Documents such as your e-will, last will and testament and funeral plan are saved elsewhere. Moreover, we directly send those to the correct people you have indicated so by uploading any Myend documents here, would mean that you may accidentally end up sending the same document multiple times or to the wrong person. 

Who has access to these documents?

In short, only you and your selected Legacy Contacts. These are the trusted people you have selected to gain access to different parts of your Myend account. That includes the Documents features. Your Legacy Contacts can then use all the documents they need to make the probate process go faster and easier for all your loved ones.

It’s important to not underestimate the importance of having an overview of your own documents. This way you know if they are up-to-date, if anything is missing or if you have any duplicates. After all, knowing that you have organized your affairs and documents before you pass away can be very comforting for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to upload your documents because it keeps them safe. Think about it: you’re a business owner, and you have tons of documents that are crucial to running your company. What if one day you were in a car accident, and all those documents got lost or destroyed? It would be devastating!

But if you upload them to Myend, they’ll be kept safe and backed up every time you use our service. If anything happens to them, we’ll be able to restore them for you right away – and at no extra cost!

Uploading your documents is easy too: just follow the instructions on our website, or get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns! Just sign up today to create your own end of life plan in clear, simple and fast steps!

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