Did you know about the ancient megalithic tombs Hunebedden? Or about euthanasia in the Netherlands? For these and much more, look no further!


The Indonesian archipelago is home to dozens of mortuary customs including, Balinese cremation, Javanese acceptance and even smoked mummies!

South Korea

South Korea has a rich history of Shamanism and Confucianism that defined its death rites, but did you know about its modern death industry?

Egypt – Modern Death Practices

Find out about present-day Egypt’s City of a Thousand Minarets as well as the City of the Dead, and listen to the echoes of ancient rituals!


Join us while we explore Oman and Mu Ghayeb, a death custom of sorcery, denial and coping with grief that as a result raises the dead!

South Sudan

What is a ghost marriage? And what is the cultural role of beer at funerals? Find out with our article on death practices in South Sudan!

USA – Native Americans

Learn more about Native American death practices, Hawaiian clean burials in hidden caves, and have a glimpse at a Early Settler’s funeral!

USA – Modern Funerals

Join us on our road trip through the US, while we learn about Jazz Funerals, outdoors cremation, drive-thru funerals and America’s Blue Zone!


Explore the Shamanic death practices of the Sami people and learn more about modern Swedish funerals and their approaches towards death!


Explore Nigeria, while investigating Igbo’s second burial, learning more about Islamic Hausa death rites and Yoruba notions of good death.