South Africa

Explore Zulu and Xhosa mourning and burial traditions, and the role of herbs, ancestors, apartheid and even sexual cleansing in South Africa.

New Zealand

Learn more about New Zealand’s Maori death myths and omens, as well as traditional spiritual practices and tapu present at Maori funerals.


Visit ancient and medieval Ireland and learn about Celtic tumuli, human sacrifice, Samhain but also fairies of death and the art of lamenting!

Saudi Arabia

Explore Mecca, the tomb of Prophet Muhammad in Medina, and learn about the effect of Wahhabism on burials and royal funerals in Saudi Arabia.


Spain is home to many diverse regions and funeral practices, from Canarian mummies to death beliefs and superstitions of the Basque country.


Explore death beliefs in different German Eras: Paganism, Medieval folklore, World War II, and even modern corpse tourism and funeral cakes.


Learn about fascinating death practices of the Métis and First Nation peoples of Canada such as tea dances, pit burials, mortuary totem poles.


Ugandans follow a variety of funeral traditions: beliefs of good death, alternative forms of grief for suicides and even funerals for twins!


Learn more about the Chinese Folk Religion and its effect on burial traditions, the importance of ancestors as well as the Terracotta Army.


Learn about Ancient Greek funerals, the beliefs and rituals behind them, as well as how they relate to modern Greek customs and superstitions.