Car Blanche – The Mongol Rally 2019


Car Blanche – The Mongol Rally

In November 2018, Douwe signed up for Car Blanche, the Mongol Rally, not knowing who would join him on this epic trip. The idea was; once you take the first step, you set something in motion and others would follow. In search for a second team member, many friends wanted to join. It would be great! Fantastic! Racing around the world in a small and old car. Going to places we can’t even pronounce. Discover this ever-changing world, meeting people from many different cultures, and traveling parts of the old silk route going to Mongolia and beyond.

In reality, most people are somehow tied down in their social environment and jobs; they think it’s impossible or they just fear the unknown. Except for Johnny. He was the first to say “Sign me up!” So that’s how friends Douwe and Johnny decided to go on an adventure together and drive The Mongol Rally.

We were meant to explore this earth like children do, unhindered by fear. Propelled by curiosity and a sense of discovery.

After buying a Toyota Corolla KE20 from 1970, they spent time to prepare the car and themselves for what became a journey of a lifetime. A road-trip of 35.000 kilometers through 23 countries. An experience they would never forget and that changed their lives.

Taking part in the Mongol Rally is all about leaving things behind in search for new experiences. It’s about challenging yourself in many ways and being open-minded towards others.

The challenges along the way

Driving the Mongol Rally in a fifty year old car is a challenge on its own. We took roads that were difficult even for modern 4×4 trucks. You keep driving from dawn til dusk, trying to make it to the next village or border crossing.

Occasionally breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or on a mountain dirt-road, you take certain risks. But with these “calculated” risks you feel more alive than ever and they become acceptable.

Leaving on a trip like this makes you wonder; what if, or what happens with this or that? You can reinforce your car, drive a bit more carefully, but still, you never know what might happen on a 35.000km trip. 

While driving the Mongol Rally in 2019, Myend had just launched its first concepts. But it was already a perfect fit. When you’re doing things with passion, knowing you are okay with taking some risks, why not make sure you arrange some matters for those you leave behind? It makes perfect sense.

Final Thoughts

We from Myend love to help out people who challenge themselves. People who are aiming for the stars. We help them with sharing and storing essential information about their wishes in their personal e-will. We help them because we believe that it can change the lives of them and those they love.

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