Plan a Celebration of Life in 6 Steps

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Planning a celebration of life is a way to remember and honor the life of a loved one who has passed away. Most of us aren’t too familiar with celebrations of life. As they seem to become more and more popular, you never know if you will have to plan one. After all, it’s a terrific way of saying farewell to a loved one. Let’s see how you can plan a celebration of life in 6 steps.

Step 1: Place & Time

Choose a date and location for the event. Consider the preferences of the deceased and their loved ones, and try to find a date and location that will be convenient and meaningful.

Step 2: Invite guests

Create a list of people who were close to the deceased and would like to attend the celebration of life. You can use email, phone, or mail to invite guests, or you can ask someone else to help you with the invitations.

Step 3: Plan the details of the event

Decide on the format of the celebration of life, such as a memorial service, a reception, or a gathering at a favorite location of the deceased. Consider details such as music, readings, and any special activities or traditions that you would like to include.

Step 4: Prepare any necessary materials

If you are planning a memorial service, you may need to prepare a program, order memorial cards, or create a slideshow of photos. If you are planning a reception, you will need to arrange for food and drinks.

Step 5: Involve the guests

Consider asking guests to share memories or stories about the deceased, or to participate in a special activity or tradition. You can also encourage guests to bring photos or other mementos to display during the celebration of life.

Step 6: Plan for the aftermath

After the celebration of life, you may need to take care of any remaining tasks, such as writing thank-you notes to guests or making arrangements for the deceased’s belongings. It can be helpful to have a plan in place for these tasks so that you can focus on remembering and honoring the life of your loved one.

Final Thoughts

These steps are meant to just be a quick guide of a such a complicated topic. If you want an even more elaborate way to plan a celebration of life we have just the thing for you.

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