Millennials need a Funeral Plan

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The Millennial generation is different from Generation X and the Baby Boomers. In fact, Millennials are often thought of as less resilient and more frivolous with their spending. However, they are also more tech-savvy, knowledgeable and self-aware than other generations.

As a result, the Millennial generation is increasingly ‘death positive’. Some even go so far as to call it a ‘death-positive movement’. Taking a proactive approach to death, Millennials may talk about funeral planning more readily and openly. Rather than shying away from talking about death, like previous generations, they even discuss what should happen to their bodies.

And no, it is not as strange as you’d think. Being pre-emptive about your own death arrangements can be a wise choice. Here is why more Millennials are embracing planning their own funerals, and why you should consider jumping on the bandwagon.

Plan ahead for your own funeral

Millennials are more concerned with individuality and control than previous generations. In contrast with previous generations, they plan their weddings meticulously to reflect their personalities. Why not extend this personalization to funerals?

Those who plan their own funerals rather than allowing others to do so, have more control over what will happen. Planning your funeral lets you  dictate every detail. Will a traditional Buddhist funeral will be held? And, will there be a viewing of the body? By planning your own funeral, you can have an event that better reflects and honors your unique personality.

Save money on your funeral plans

Millennials most probably  have faced financial challenges throughout their adult lives. As a result, they should take advantage of the opportunity to plan their own funerals. By determining what you want for your own funeral, you minimize the possibility of your family members spending on some unwanted aspect of the funeral.

Once you get into the habit of planning ahead, it will be easier to set aside savings for your end-of-life arrangements. Certain insurance providers and funeral companies offer pre-arranged plans for the same purpose.

Make life easier for your loved ones

Dealing with funeral arrangements can be difficult when mourning the loss of a loved one. Families who experience an unexpected death sometimes have a difficult time paying for a proper send-off.

Planning your funeral in advance is kind and thoughtful since you leave explicit instructions to your relatives. Thus it can relieve your loved ones of the burden of making important decisions during a difficult time.

Avoid conflict or disagreements

By making decisions about funeral arrangements before death, you can eliminate any guesswork and reduce the stress for your family. It’s also more common than you think for families to fall apart after a close relative passes away. That doesn’t only include disputes over splitting of assets, but things like funeral costs too.

Write down your last wishes clearly in black and white so that you can easily pass them on to your family. Doing this will prevent any heartache, animosity, and legal fees among your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Funeral planning is extremely helpful. It’s not only a wise decision to have control over your own funeral and end-of-life arrangements, but also a very practical arrangement all around.

You can start your journey by starting the Funeral Planner in Myend, it helps you decide on some essential steps and provides insight on matters that might need more time to plan and organize. Death is a part of life, so why not make it an easier one?

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