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Which belongings should you share?

When creating your e-will, you will have to think about what you’re leaving behind. We know this can feel like a big challenge. That’s why we made this process a lot easier with the Belongings feature in Myend.

Use your mobile phone to take pictures of the belongings you would like to leave to others. Just walk around your home, snap a pic of your favorite items and add them to your list. In that way, you have an overview of all the things you own and it will be easy to discover if you’ve forgotten anything. And you can always add something later, at any time.

So what should you share?
In short: anything you like. Anything you can think of can have a place in your Belongings list. You can also assign categories to your items. The categories we currently have are:
Antiques, Appliances, Art, Art objects, Boat, Books, Car, Craft materials, Crystal, Cutlery, Electronics, Figurines, Furniture, Hobbies, Jewellery, Movies, Music, Musical instruments, Paintings, Pets, Photography, Plants, Toys, Video Console / Games and Other.

To give you an example:
Maybe you’ve bought a new coat and your sister says she adores it – in one second you add it to your Myend list and assign it to her 

It is advised to put real estate, valuable art and money (including investments) in a legally binding Final Will or Testament. Unfortunately, Myend’s e-will is not legally binding yet. You can put this type of item in your list in Myend if you like, but make sure you also have it in a legal document and ensure your Legacy Contact follows up on this according to the local laws.

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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