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List your belongings

Making your own e-will may not be a pleasant prospect, but we are trying to make it easier. This important task will ensure that the people you leave behind carry out your wishes and hear your thoughts after your death. An e-will contains important instructions for the division of your belongings. An e-will for your personal belongings will make sure that your prized possessions end up in the right hands after you check out.

Your belongings

Make a list of all your personal belongings in Myend. Since this e-will is not a legally binding Final Will or Testament, make sure not to list real estate, valuable art, and money (including investments). Don’t get us wrong: you CAN always list these matters, but if you choose to do so, please ensure your Legacy Contacts will handle them according to the local laws.

Myend helps you and your family determine what to do with the things you leave behind.

Use your mobile phone to take pictures of your belongings. Add contact details of all possible beneficiaries in your contact list and appoint them to each of your items.

Create a post for each item you want to leave to a specific person. Include a detailed description of the items and the reason why you want to leave them to this person. If you wish, include the estimated values of each item.

Select a Legacy Contact

Select at least one Legacy Contact who will get access to your Myend account when you are gone. This should be a trustworthy person who will carefully perform the task.

The Legacy Contact may be a family member, a good friend or also a professional third party. Before naming someone as a Legacy Contact, discuss your wishes with them to ensure that they are willing and able to carry out the tasks involved.

What happens with your belongings?

After you are gone, your Legacy Contact gets access to your Myend account and will be able to determine when and how your belongings will be divided among your beneficiaries. If you leave clear instructions to your Legacy Contacts, it will help them in carrying out your final wishes.

Last updated: December 14, 2021

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