USA – Modern Funerals

Join us on our road trip through the US, while we learn about Jazz Funerals, outdoors cremation, drive-thru funerals and America’s Blue Zone!

Papua New Guinea

Explore Papua New Guinea and its tribal death practices: From witch hunts to cannibalism-caused brain disease, get ready for a wild adventure!


From ancient Rome to medieval southern Italy, join us while we learn more about old death practices and modern Italian Catholic funerals.


Explore Iran and read about Persian funeral customs ranging from ancient Zoroastrian Towers of Silence to modern Shiite Muslim traditions!


Explore Tibet and its Bon and Buddhist funeral customs, including celestial burials, and learn about their hierarchy of death practices.


Did the Inca sacrifice humans? How has the coronavirus changed Catholic funerals in Peru? In this post we answer these and more questions!


Did Vikings burn Longboats during funerals? We have the answer to this any many other questions about both Viking and Danish death practices!


Discover Aboriginal death customs, including ‘sorry business’ and avoidance practices! Also check out modern Australian funeral customs.