Spain is home to many diverse regions and funeral practices, from Canarian mummies to death beliefs and superstitions of the Basque country.


Explore death beliefs in different German Eras: Paganism, Medieval folklore, World War II, and even modern corpse tourism and funeral cakes.


Explore the holy city of Varanasi, its cremation ghats and learn more about Hindu funerals and the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Mumbai.


Explore Argentina and learn about death folk saints and 19th century indigenous funeral rites, including human sacrifice and canoe burials


Did you know about the ancient megalithic tombs Hunebedden? Or about euthanasia in the Netherlands? For these and much more, look no further!


The Indonesian archipelago is home to dozens of mortuary customs including, Balinese cremation, Javanese acceptance and even smoked mummies!


Theravada Buddhism defines Thai death practices including funeral pyres and cremation volumes, but what role does Thai animism play in death?

South Korea

South Korea has a rich history of Shamanism and Confucianism that defined its death rites, but did you know about its modern death industry?

USA – Native Americans

Learn more about Native American death practices, Hawaiian clean burials in hidden caves, and have a glimpse at a Early Settler’s funeral!