Day of the dead

Things you can do before you turn into a zombie 💀

The Day of the Dead is not only about death. It’s about spending time together with family and celebrating life and remembering the people who have passed.

So why not think about your own end-of-life plan and make sure family and friends know what to do when you are dead.

The Origin of Halloween

Ever wondered where Halloween comes from and what it means?

Día de Muertos

There’s perhaps no celebration of death more famous than the Day of the Dead.

Flowers & Death

Flowers are almost always present in customs and traditions related to death all over the world. Find out what they mean.

What about your own day of the dead?

It’s no secret that we all have the same ultimate fate. What if you could customize your own celebration of death – and life! – just like all these traditions above?
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Day of the Dead as a Celebration of Life

The Day of the Dead is often more about cherishing your alive loved ones rather than just remembering your deceased loved ones.

Are your children are trick-or-treating on Halloween? Maybe you and your family religiously commemorate All Souls’ day. Or perhaps you’re joining the Day of the Dead celebrations? In any case these are events you’re sharing with family, friends, and people you love. Death often brings us together, after all.
End of life

The things you can do for your family

What is end-of-life planning?

Although we agree that thinking about your own passing can be quite confronting, we also firmly believe that end-of-life planning is crucial.

Store and share your wishes​

It’s a lot simpler than you might think. End-of-life planning involves creating a checklist of the things you want to happen when you’re gone—and then making sure that those wishes are carried out.

Have peace of mind forever

We guide you through the process of how to easily fill out your basic directives. Create your online e-will, without a lawyer. Get started today. It’s free, and will help you protect your family.

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