Visit ancient and medieval Ireland and learn about Celtic tumuli, human sacrifice, Samhain but also fairies of death and the art of lamenting!


Learn about Ancient Greek funerals, the beliefs and rituals behind them, as well as how they relate to modern Greek customs and superstitions.


The Indonesian archipelago is home to dozens of mortuary customs including, Balinese cremation, Javanese acceptance and even smoked mummies!


Theravada Buddhism defines Thai death practices including funeral pyres and cremation volumes, but what role does Thai animism play in death?


From ancient Rome to medieval southern Italy, join us while we learn more about old death practices and modern Italian Catholic funerals.


Visit Madagascar and learn why locals dance with their dead during Famadihana. And if that’s not enough, we also explore a pirate cemetery!


Joins us while we learn more about the origins, offerings, food, music and art of the Mexican the Day of the Dead, the Día de Muertos!