New Zealand

Learn more about New Zealand’s Maori death myths and omens, as well as traditional spiritual practices and tapu present at Maori funerals.


Visit ancient and medieval Ireland and learn about Celtic tumuli, human sacrifice, Samhain but also fairies of death and the art of lamenting!


Spain is home to many diverse regions and funeral practices, from Canarian mummies to death beliefs and superstitions of the Basque country.


Ugandans follow a variety of funeral traditions: beliefs of good death, alternative forms of grief for suicides and even funerals for twins!


Learn about Ancient Greek funerals, the beliefs and rituals behind them, as well as how they relate to modern Greek customs and superstitions.


Explore the Welsh countryside and learn about 19th century death flower superstitions, omens and the fascinating profession of sin-eaters!


Join us while we explore Oman and Mu Ghayeb, a death custom of sorcery, denial and coping with grief that as a result raises the dead!


Romania offers very alternative death customs, a Merry Cemetery and a Royal funeral for the King of Gypsies. Let’s explore them together!


Explore the mysterious Catacombs of Paris and learn about the food traditions of Brittany, as well as the French Grim Reaper, L’Ankou!