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A new type of Legacy Insurance.

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American adults are underinsured or have no life insurance
0 million

More then

Americans do not have health insurance
0 million
Of adults with no life insurance report not knowing how to buy a policy
0 %
Of all adults do NOT have a will or an end of life plan
0 %
Americans overestimate the price of life insurance by 300%
0 %
Of all adults do NOT have a digital inheritance plan
0 %

Do you want to belong in this category?

How Myend helps with closure and healing

Myend provides guidance on the most important things you need to know to protect your family.

And securing your (digital) legacy is one of the best things you can do to take care of your loved ones.

Learn more about our E-will here.

Pass on you digital legacy​

Start with smalls steps, achieving inner peace.

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Add a Legacy Contact

Choose someone you trust to add as a Legacy Contact. This person will be able to access the data stored in your Myend account after your death.

Share your access key

Invite someone you trust. When your Legacy Contact accepts your invitation they become an integral part of your Myend account, after all.

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Pass on you digital legacy

Share your legacy with people you care about through photos, videos, notes, documents and personal directives you have stored in Myend.

A Legacy of Love

Be in control of your legacy, write down instructions and wishes and be assured that they matter.

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The Best and Surest
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I am fortunate to have found this unique application. It makes you feel reassured about your heritage, and that it will be in safe hands, and most importantly, the application is characterized by complete confidentiality, so I highly recommend it.
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Your one-stop-place for all things practical when it comes to preparing for not being there anymore.
Tim Jansen
Great App
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Great app, one place to give you peace of mind
Ben Graue
If you're like me, you like Myend
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If you're like me, you probably spend some time thinking about your online accounts and what would happen to them if you were to die. Myend is a simple, easy-to-use online platform that helps you create and manage an inheritance plan.
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Great, clever, affordable and easy way to let my loved ones know what I want after I have passed. Very reassuring that I know they have access to all my digital accounts and that they know what I want with them.
It gives me a safe feeling I planned for the inevitable
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Myend is just wat I needed, planning for something that will come. It is easy to use, has clear explaining how it will work and informed my relatives. Great, that gives me peace of mind.
Very useful website
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Very useful website! It makes it easy to think about and make decisions about what happens after you're gone. I feel better knowing that my loved ones will have a less difficult time because I was prepared.
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