South Africa

Explore Zulu and Xhosa mourning and burial traditions, and the role of herbs, ancestors, apartheid and even sexual cleansing in South Africa.


Learn about fascinating death practices of the Métis and First Nation peoples of Canada such as tea dances, pit burials, mortuary totem poles.


Explore Argentina and learn about death folk saints and 19th century indigenous funeral rites, including human sacrifice and canoe burials


Learn more about the Chinese Folk Religion and its effect on burial traditions, the importance of ancestors as well as the Terracotta Army.


Join us while we visit Cuba, learn more about religious syncretism, Santería practices and socialist funerals, including Fidel Castro’s!


From the Yanomami human soup and Wari’ cannibalism to Brazilian Candomblé rites, we explore the origins and purpose of these death practices!