Saudi Arabia

Explore Mecca, the tomb of Prophet Muhammad in Medina, and learn about the effect of Wahhabism on burials and royal funerals in Saudi Arabia.


Spain is home to many diverse regions and funeral practices, from Canarian mummies to death beliefs and superstitions of the Basque country.


The Indonesian archipelago is home to dozens of mortuary customs including, Balinese cremation, Javanese acceptance and even smoked mummies!

Egypt – Modern Death Practices

Find out about present-day Egypt’s City of a Thousand Minarets as well as the City of the Dead, and listen to the echoes of ancient rituals!


Join us while we explore Oman and Mu Ghayeb, a death custom of sorcery, denial and coping with grief that as a result raises the dead!


Explore Nigeria, while investigating Igbo’s second burial, learning more about Islamic Hausa death rites and Yoruba notions of good death.


Explore Iran and read about Persian funeral customs ranging from ancient Zoroastrian Towers of Silence to modern Shiite Muslim traditions!