A new way to
write your online last will

Myend presents a brand new way of creating a last will in an already familiar format. It’s designed to help you with some difficult choices. You can create and edit your e-will as life continues. Join our group of beta testers to gain early access to premium features for free!

New in Myend Beta

Myend for Desktop and Tablet

Designed to be easy enough for anyone to use. No legal knowledge or experience required.

Video messages and extra storage

Record your personal farewell message and store your last goodbyes in your personal vault.

The Last Will planner

Myend simplifies difficult end-of-life choices into easy steps, creating your personal plan.

Join and Get Started with the Beta

Your e-will

Your personal statement, appointed Legacy Contacts and the disposition of property will be displayed here.

Medical care

Be sure your loved ones make health choices according to your wishes

Video messages

Record a personal video message to someone you love and care for.


Add and store important documents, certificates, personal paperwork and statements.

Donor registration

Making your own choice provides clarity. Your family and the people around you will then know what to do.

Funeral plan

Start, review or update your funeral plans. Download and share with loved ones.

Want to contribute your voice to the evolution of Myend?

Don’t mind the occasional bug? Join Myend’s Beta Program! You’ll test Myend features before they’re released and help decide what works and what needs to improve.

Get early access to private beta releases before they are publicly available. Be the first to try new features and product improvements. The beta is for users who do not mind discontinuity in service and are willing to work with us to understand and test issues.

We will ask you to send your feedback to Myend Beta questionnaire.